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LP Films is a highly regarded Shanghai-based production company, specialising in commercial and corporate films, as well as short films and web series. Our background in documentary making is continued by our subsidiary, LP Docs, who also regularly work with overseas broadcasters like the BBC, Channel Four and Discovery for China productions. Our specialist time-lapse division supplies the well-known BlackBox – allowing online live-view of long-term construction projects.



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LP Films is a full service film production company that specialises in cinematic storytelling. Our mission is to authentically connect our clients to their desired audience with quality films that live on the web, social platforms and in broadcast. Contact us to find out what we can do for you.


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Unlike other film production companies, we have our own in-house creative team who will help develop your idea into a high-quality film. Our creative team is composed of both native English and Chinese speakers allowing your project to be produced in both languages simultaneously.


Production Services

For overseas production companies planning to shoot in China, LP Films has the contacts and experience to arrange your whole trip, including: permission to shoot, equipment, crew, cast, post-production facilities, hotels and internal flights, as well as specialist services including time-lapse, aerial and crane / jib work.


We create, shoot and edit beautiful films.
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LP Films is based in the Shanghai Art-Design Compound and is fully equipped to cater to the broadest range of film and video projects.
• spacious postproduction suites
• in-house studio, including green-screen facilities
• audio studio/control room
• creative meeting rooms
• comfortable recreation areas including coffee bar
Creative partners nearby offer marketing/communication, design, events and photography services.


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Arthur Jones Directs For BBC

Just over a year ago, LP Films director Arthur Jones traveled to Hunan to film for Raw TV on a BBC documentary about furniture giant Ikea. Last month, Flatpack Empire premiered to great reviews and became a surprise hit on British television.

Arthur was the location director for Flatpack Empire’s Chinese segments. His camera follows Hanna-Kaarina Heikkilä, a young designer from Finland who has traveled to Changsha to visit the factory which will be manufacturing a vase she has designed for Ikea. She is optimistic, but not everything is going as planned as she struggles to explain her vision of each of the mass-produced vases being subtly different.

Radio Times picks the scene of one of Flatpack Empire‘s highlights. ‘It’s a magnificently uncomfortable scene. And as for the finished product… well, you must decide…’

‘A young designer thinks young people don’t want something that’s been mass-produced; they want something that’s as quirky and individual as they are. I’m paraphrasing here, but this is roughly in line with the narcissism of the young.’

The China scenes are at least typical, and perhaps the most crystalline distillation, of the sardonic humour and good-natured cynicism that permeates the series. “I’m sort of happy, but confused at the same time,” says Hanna-Kaarina after she finally gets to see her design come to life.

Ikea is no stranger to poking fun at itself (that Spike Jonze lamp commercial, anyone?) but Flatpack Empire is at points surprisingly critical of their upbeat brand. Perhaps this is appropriate. As The Telegraph notes, ‘gloom is meant to be a permanent state of mind for Swedes, but it appears at odds with Ikea’s sunny promise of a happier lifestyle.’

The show is a fascinating insight into the company that makes the bed that 10% of Europeans are conceived in. It’s available to watch on BBC iplayer and Youtube.

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