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LP Films New Miniseries: My Little Chef

640Holding down two jobs isn’t easy, and sometimes you need a little help to make things work. Today, My Little Chef, Mr. Pickles, lets me have a little much needed play time while he rustles up a beautiful – and beautifully simple – Italian pasta classic: Penne with Tomato and Basil Sauce.

Try it out for yourself, or, rather, let your kids try it out for you! All you need is a couple of pots of pans, some pasta, a bowlful of cherry tomatoes, a handful of basil and some olive oil. In this first episode we will help introduce your children to some basic cooking techniques, as well as giving you time to… err… drink and skate! (Not necessarily in that order)

Check out the video here.


Screen shot 2014-07-30 at 13.53-horz

That’s it! Our competition has come to a close. It’s been three weeks of collecting all your fantastic ideas up at LP towers and you’ve really wowed us – we’ve had everything from the hopelessly boring to the outright dastardly – and now the last thing to do is announce a winner!

So… Drumroll…

And it looks like the gender tables have been turned:

First Prize – winner of 1,000 Yuan to spend at Project Wine (and the honorific title of “Slapper”): Liao Yi

Second Prize – and ALSO winner of 1,000 Yuan at Project Wine (and the not-so-honorific title of “Slappee”): Charlie Smithee

We will be getting in contact with the winners directly to organise their big day. We’d like to thank everyone who sent us ideas, you really helped us through these last few rainy days!

Stay tuned for the video!