Portfolio: Documentary

A Farewell Song Trailer

Luo Shoucheng, Tu Weigang and Weng Zhenfa are celebrated musicians in China. They have played traditional instruments for 40 years or more and are about to take a leap into the unknown.They all retired last year, which means no more state-backed concerts and no more classes at the Shanghai Music Conservatory.

They should be fading quietly into Shanghai’s cultural backwaters.

But these three men, with their ready smiles and wit, have decided to take a gamble.

As they begin to prepare a series of private concerts outside the control of the state, memories of the last 50 years of hardships and joy begin to flood back.


Nutcracker Magic

The Nutcracker Magic is a modern interpretation of the classic Nutcracker ballet. Orchestrated by a team of internationally renowned artists, the show is a mix of ballet and Chinese acrobatics with elaborate costumes and towering set design. As well as shooting the entire stage production we also produced a ten minute ‘making of’ documentary and two minute trailer.