Our Smallest Room

We’re all about offering the best service to our clients, and over the years we’ve built a bond of trust through our commitment to delivering quality products with a rapid turnaround. One of the ways we are able to achieve this is through our dedicated in-house staff and top notch facilities: everything you need, whether that be full project work from development through delivery, or production services.

IMG_8709 copy

Today, let’s talk about our smallest room. Tucked away inconspicuously at the back of LP’s offices, this unimposing booth is our sound recording room. Connected to Edit Suite 3, the sound recording room allows us to lay down high quality voice overs and re-dubbing just metres away from where the main edit of your video is taking place.

Sound 3

We work with a variety of talented voice-over artists and celebrities. This includes our own Arthur Jones, the silver tongued King of V.O. and one of the most recognisable voice-over talents in China.

We’ve been updating our systems for the new year, with improved hardware and sound editing tools, so that we can continue to deliver the best recordings for you.

Sound 2

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