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Sitting Down With Steven Schwankert

In a few short weeks, Arthur Jones will be traveling to Sunny Side of the Doc, one of Europe’s premiere specialist documentary pitching forums, to promote The Six. Our new feature film explores the untold story of the six Chinese survivors of Titanic, and has stirred significant interest online recently when we released a series of excerpts from a new interview with Steven Schwankert, respected marine historian and lead researcher on the project.

“It’s a story of survival against the odds, he explains. When 83% of their fellow third class male passengers perished, the six’s escape is astonishing. But, “Titanic is really just the beginning of the story.” Against the backdrop of anti-Chinese immigration policies in North America, and the coming turbulence of political change in their homeland, the six are the embodiment of the Chinese immigrant experience of the early 20th century.

Check out these excerpts (VPN required in China) and follow for more updates.

The Six Wins Big in Bangkok

Arthur Jones has been in Bangkok, Thailand this week for Asian Side of the Doc, one of the premiere documentary marketplaces in the Asia-Pacific region. Arthur was invited to pitch The Six to financiers and commissioners, in the hope of securing the remaining production funds.

After 4 days of meetings and and networking, he was honoured with the Best Asian Pitch Award at the closing ceremony on Thursday (Nov 3rd) . As part of the prize, The Six will be included in pitch sessions at Sunny Side of the Doc, Asian Side’s parent festival, in France in June 2017. Sunny Side is among the world’s largest documentary marketplaces.

Arthur said, “We joined the pitch session just a few days before it took place, so it’s a fantastic surprise to take this award. We’re looking forward to attending Sunny Side of the Doc in June, and are very optimistic that we will soon have the funds in place to begin production.”

You can follow his progress at