After four years of research, prep and shooting, The Six, produced by LP Films and directed by Arthur Jones, finally wrapped in early January, 2019. In the twelve months since then, we have gradually pieced the story together in the edit, working with some of the best post-production teams around (including Vision Shanghai, Ker Sound Studio and Jufan Culture Media) to design the animation, sound and color for the film. The untold story of the six Chinese survivors onboard the Titanic is now complete, and almost ready to share with the world.

It has been two years since we released the first trailer for The Six, which was a surprise hit on social media. Back then, The Six team had just discovered the first clues as to what happened to the forgotten Chinese survivors following Titanic, and was busy trying to track down descendants. Since then, ongoing research has teased out the complicated paths their lives took them on. Surviving the greatest shipwreck in human history was not by any means the greatest obstacle they overcame. Our team has established the survivors’ later connections to several countries where they faced all kinds of discrimination in the first half of the twentieth century: the Chinese Exclusion Act in US, the Head Tax policy in Canada, secret forced repatriations of Chinese seamen by the British government following both world wars… Through these stories, The Six not only reveals the remarkable and unique experiences of the forgotten Chinese passengers on Titanic, but also pays tribute to a whole generation of intrepid Chinese migrants.

Two years ago, The Six won the Best Asian Pitch award at the influential AsianSideoftheDoc festival, followed last year by the Silver Award and People’s Choice Award at the Fresh Pitch documentary festival. Two weeks ago, Silicon Valley Asian Pacific FilmFest screened our newest trailer for The Six at what was ultimately a sold-out session. Our lead researcher Steven Schwankert attended the screening and Q&A session.

The Six will be released in cinemas across China early in 2020, and will roll out worldwide after that. We look forward to sharing it with you.

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