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Christmas With Bite

It’s barely December, and already Christmas music is pouring out of stores everywhere. Shopping malls have put up their gaudy Santas, crowds of shoppers are getting heavier, and with just a few short weeks to go, the pressure is on to buy the perfect gift to show people in your life you care about them…for the right price. Who doesn’t love a little festive spirit?

Let’s be honest, despite what all the heart-warming stories in movies say, Christmas isn’t really about giving. It’s about receiving. If I give you a gift, I want something in return. Think I’m being too cynical? Check out the latest episode of our web series Midnight Bites, and see if you can resist the Biter’s cool logic.

And for the first time in the shows history, we’ve made one of his darkly delicious creations available for purchase. Screw Chocolate is despicably seductive, so good that you might just owe me something in return. Click here to purchase…it’s the perfect Anti-Claus for your Santa Claus.

Merry Christmas? Bah humbug!

No VPN? Watch it on QQ:

Screw Chocolate 2 Screw Chocolate 3






The Six Wins Big in Bangkok

Arthur Jones has been in Bangkok, Thailand this week for Asian Side of the Doc, one of the premiere documentary marketplaces in the Asia-Pacific region. Arthur was invited to pitch The Six to financiers and commissioners, in the hope of securing the remaining production funds.

After 4 days of meetings and and networking, he was honoured with the Best Asian Pitch Award at the closing ceremony on Thursday (Nov 3rd) . As part of the prize, The Six will be included in pitch sessions at Sunny Side of the Doc, Asian Side’s parent festival, in France in June 2017. Sunny Side is among the world’s largest documentary marketplaces.

Arthur said, “We joined the pitch session just a few days before it took place, so it’s a fantastic surprise to take this award. We’re looking forward to attending Sunny Side of the Doc in June, and are very optimistic that we will soon have the funds in place to begin production.”

You can follow his progress at