Finding Bunny Girl on YouKu Homepage

We are proud to announce that our short film Finding Bunny Girl is now available to view on YouKu and is featured on the site’s homepage today. At the time of writing the video has already been watched over 70,000 times and we expect to get over 100,000 views before the night is done.  In celebration of this event we wanted to give you a little background on the film and how it came to be.

Film Synopsis

May, a young city girl, is a romantic idealist who dreams of the perfect man. One evening, she decides to surprise her boyfriend by dressing as a playboy-esque bunny. However, when she arrives at his tattoo parlour she discovers he’s already there with another woman. She escapes into the night, wandering aimlessly through the streets before stumbling into a bar to drown her sorrows. As she drinks, she enters a dream-like state where she becomes enshrouded by memories of the past: she recalls her childhood friend Mark and their favourite animated character Totoro. Even when snapped back to reality by her friend J, elements of this past linger. She becomes enticed by a vision of Totorto who leads her out of the bar to a discovery that will change her life.


Production Background

Work first started on the film over a year ago with director Luo Tong working in collaboration with Ginger wRong on the script. In November 2011, the LPfilms team spent a weekend in the mountains of Moganshan, with director of photography Gianpaolo Lupori and our two young stars, Marvin Thiele and Wen Tianchun, shooting the film’s childhood flashback sequence.

Following the Moganshan shoot we spent almost a year in pre-production before shooting the Shanghai section of the film. Filming took place over two days in early August around five locations in Shanghai (check out behind the scenes photos from the Bund and UVA bar) with Director of Photography LuYuQing.

The film premiered on October 18th to an audience of over 150.

Thanks to our cast of 72, our 113 crew and the support of all our friends and family.


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