Midnight Bites

Feed your soul…no matter how dark it is.

Our web series are nothing if not messy. Whether it’s the lowbrow high jinx of High Spirits, or the gleeful anarchy of My Little Chef, we love getting our hands mucky. Now we’ve taken it to a whole other level with our satirical new series.

Midnight Bites is a cooking show in the shadows. Nic Xu stars as a blood hungry gourmet for the nightmarish modern world. He is no different from the rest of us; all work and no play, a slave to the machine. A dreamer…only his dreams are a little darker. After midnight, his urge to feed drives him to create darkly delicious recipes with bite.

Where does the mess come in? Maybe with the ‘Spicy Pig Brains’ in Episode 01. Our splatter-happy crew got to grips with all kinds of bloody and gore for over a two day shoot, when we laid down the first three in a planned twenty episode series. Think you’ve got the stomach for it? Watch Episode One now.






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