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“High Spirits” Cast Photos; Tequila

We’ve all had a few rough nights with Tequila… Wait, what? Not this Tequila!

He’s the dueling bartender on LP Films new web series “High Spirits.” In the previous episode (see July 27th’s blog leading to the youtube link), Tequila wins his place at the bar by producing a drink from Nina’s past.

More on “High Spirits” later, for right now- here’s some Tequila…



“High Spirits” is now on Youtube!!!

We wanted to take a break from showing you pictures of the ever so attractive cast, to announce that HIGH SPIRITS IS NOW ON YOUTUBE. Don’t everyone freak out! This is a recording of the “High Sprits, Bar Live Drama” theatrical play that was shot and edited like a sitcom.  So now, in between your hilarious cat videos and needle point tutorials, you can settle up to this comedic gem.

Click the image below to be taken to our youtube link…