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LP Films Gets.Everybody.Moving

LP Films is currently working in collaboration with Splinter Films on their upcoming documentary focusing on the Hong Kong singer-songwriter, actress, and dancer, G.E.M. (Gloria Tang Tsz-kei).

Having worked with acts like Katy Perry, The Cure, Santana, and Red Hot Chili Peppers (the list really does go on and on), Splinter Films has impressive credits in the film community and LP Films is honored to work along side them.

Yesterday, we filmed G.E.M meeting the director Han Han for his upcoming movie, “Hou Hui Wu Qi” – literal translation is “We Won’t Meet Sooner.” G.E.M will be singing one of the title tracks to the film, which is a road-trip comedy that focuses on youths and farewells that come with the age (expected Chinese release July 24th). It was a pleasure to meet both G.E.M. and Han Han!

Just another day of loving our jobs! See pictures below…

photo 2


photo 1


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“High Spirits” is now on Youtube!!!

We wanted to take a break from showing you pictures of the ever so attractive cast, to announce that HIGH SPIRITS IS NOW ON YOUTUBE. Don’t everyone freak out! This is a recording of the “High Sprits, Bar Live Drama” theatrical play that was shot and edited like a sitcom.  So now, in between your hilarious cat videos and needle point tutorials, you can settle up to this comedic gem.

Click the image below to be taken to our youtube link…