What we've been up to...

Finding Bunny Girl Premiere

Tomorrow is the premiere of our debut short fiction film ‘Finding Bunny Girl’. Festivities will kick off at 7pm with a cast and crew pre-party at UVA. Guests will then be taken to O’Malley’s where we have set-up a large marquee for the screening and after-party. Below is the official movie poster and a short clip showing the creative process of the designer – our very own Stephen Wright. Read More

LPfilms Staff Dinner @ el Willy

Last night was our annual Moon Festival company dinner. This year we decided to go to elWilly at their new location on the bund. Check out some of the photos from last year’s dinner at Mr. & Mrs. Bund.

From left to right: J (Editor), LiuJia (Cameraman), LuoTong (Producer), Stephen (Creative), Jenny (Accountant), Mio (Administration Assistant), Nate (IT), Annie (Copywriter), Luther (Director), Arthur (Director), Laurette (Project Manager)